A Day in the Life


It’s the age old question, what does a SAHM DO? I’m not here to debate the merits of one of the parents staying home versus both parents working. If that’s what you’re here for, feel free to show yourself out. Or, stick around and learn a thing or two or twenty. I’m incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with Joey, especially considering where we live, one of the most expensive states in the country. But that doesn’t mean I don’t earn my keep either, and I’m here today to give you a glimpse into a typical day for Joey and I.

I try to get up about an hour before Joey does so that I have some time to wake up and start my day with a morning devotion and packing Joe’s lunch, possibly breakfast as well. If I have errands I need to run before Joe leaves for work this is when I do them, so sometimes Joe handles morning wakeup if Joey wakes up before I get back. If he sleeps a bit longer than that hour, I finish cleaning the kitchen from the night before. Depending on the day I get the laundry started as well.


If he wakes up before that hour or shortly after, I get him ready for the day by changing his diaper and clothes, and feed him his first bottle of the day. Either way, this part of the morning usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on how quickly Joey finishes his bottle. He’s started getting distracted during feedings, so sometimes it can take a bit longer. If I have to run errands that morning and don’t get around to cleaning the kitchen before he wakes up, that gets pushed to later, usually after his first oatmeal.

Once he’s awake/changed/fed if Joe is still home I get in the shower and take care of hygiene for the day. If Joe is gone for the day I stick Joey in his bassinet for safe keeping and take a quick shower with the door open to make sure he can hear me. Thankfully he’s pretty independent, so he’s usually good long enough for me to finish showering, which is definitely nice. Being on a schedule that we very rarely deviate from has helped immensely.


About two hours after his first bottle he gets his first serving of oatmeal for the day, then I finish up my “daily chores,” which include making the bed, tidying up living spaces, and setting up coffee for the next day. Depending on how fussy Joey gets, this can take 30-45 minutes because I have to keep him entertained. It’s getting close to his first nap time, so he can be a bit more demanding of my attention, but I try to get this stuff done while he’s awake since our house is on the smaller and squeakier side, and I don’t want to wake him from his nap early.

Most days about an hour after his oatmeal he’s ready to start his wind down for his first nap of the day. I turn off all the lights and prepare his sleeping area, then change his diaper and give him his second bottle of the day. He usually starts to fall asleep towards the end of his bottle, so I put him down and leave the room. He has a video monitor so I turn that on and watch him to make sure he is falling asleep. He’ll usually sleep for 2-3 hours. During that time I do my bible study, journal, and write my blog for the day. I finish up any chores I haven’t been able to get done, eat lunch, and spend any time left over relaxing. If I need to prep something for dinner this is when I do it.

play time

Once Joey wakes up, I change his diaper and give him another bottle, then we spend some time in his room playing. I spread out some toys and sit down on the floor with him. Most days he’s good for 1-1.5 hours of interactive play before he gets bored. We switch up toys/activities a few times during that time, usually every 20-30 minutes. Then we head out to the living room for a couple of hours and just hang out on the couch. I’ll bring some of his smaller toys out and keep them on a rotation, but he likes to play by himself during this time, so I just lay him down next to me and keep an eye on him, switching out his toys every few minutes so he doesn’t get bored. Every once in a while he’ll grab my hand and try and shove it in his mouth (seriously, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth), examine it and compare it to his hands.

After a couple of hours he’s ready for his second nap of the day. I’ll repeat the same routine, turning off the lights and feeding him in his room, then laying him down and leaving the room. The only difference is he’s usually a bit more awake when I lay him down, but still pretty drowsy. This nap is also shorter, usually only 1-2 hours, but he also wakes up shortly before Joe gets home, and that is when his bed time routine begins.

bath time

Bed time is fairly simple. We start with his second and final serving of oatmeal for the day, then its off to his changing table to get ready for his bath, which Joe gets ready while I’m getting Joey ready. We both give him his bath, then Joe gets his final bottle ready while I get him into his pajamas. Once he’s ready, Joe takes Joey and sits in his glider in his room to give Joey his final bottle. I turn off the lights, prep his sleeping area, and close the door, then go make mine and Joe’s dinner. Once Joe is done feeding Joey, he puts him down for the evening then leaves his room. We eat dinner and unwind for the day, then head to bed. I do my best to clean as I go during cooking, then just make sure everything is in the kitchen so I can tidy up the next day.



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