Meanwhile in California

One of the many trees in my yard. I took this yesterday, about half way through the month of December 😀

So apparently half the country is covered in snow right now, yet California is barely getting to fall 😀

A good friend of mine posted a picture on FB yesterday of the snow that was just dumped in her little corner of the world, and me being the stink butt that I am, posted a screenshot of the 60 degree weather we’re currently having in my neck of the woods. I looked out the window a few hours later to notice this tree is finally no longer green, halfway through December. Y’all, we still have leaves on our trees in DECEMBER.

If you go to the local mall though, you’ll see people bundled up like we’re in the middle of the arctic tundra, it’s hilarious until I look down at my Ugg boots and knee high socks, and realize I’m one of them :-O


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