Transparency Tuesday Anyone?


A good friend of mine ( who would definitely appreciate the above meme) has started something that I think many of us could benefit from, and so I’ve decided to share the challenge with you, my wonderful readers. The gist of it is relatively simple. For many, social media is kind of the highlight reel of our life. We memorialize the moments that make us look good, which gives kind of a false impression of perfection to the people who follow us.

We don’t want to be vulnerable, so we don’t hit publish on the less than stellar moments of our lives, thereby feeding the illusion that our life is perfect. And we all know life isn’t perfect, far from it, so why do we feed into the delusion that it is? Security, that is why. How uncomfortable do you get when someone is completely honest on social media? How hard is it to even say something to them? We don’t know how to respond to honesty in social media, so we just keep on scrolling. I’d like to change that.

So once a week, I’ll be posting a snapshot of my less than perfect life. They may be words, or pictures, or both.

Today, I didn’t get out of bed until Joe was halfway through his work day out of sheer and utter laziness, and I didn’t shower until after 1pm. And the only reason I showered then was because Joe was on his way home, I didn’t shower yesterday, and I didn’t really want to smell like I hadn’t showered in 36+ hours. In my defense, I had the migraine from hell yesterday, and Joe woke me up (on accident, of course) this morning before he left for work, and my alarm went off about 20 minutes after I fell back asleep. Well, I think it did, because I slept right through it.

So there you have it, life is most definitely not perfect. If you feel like joining me for transparency Tuesday, please leave a comment with the link to your post so I can come see it. Have a good day!


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