When life hands you lemons


Make apple pie! No seriously, you’ll need a lemon to make the filling. And a can of apple juice concentrate. A husband that doesn’t mind rolling out pie dough definitely helps, though is not required. You’re going to need dollar bills for the swear jar though, and that husband might want to stop for some wine on his way home from work. Or tequila and Gatorade for the next morning :-O

Two weeks ago, I’d never made an apple pie in my entire life. On Thursday? Joe’s grandma (the baking queen), said my apple pie was one of the best she’s ever had, and I had to fight to save a piece for Joe’s sister who got sick and couldn’t make it to Thanksgiving dinner.

In other words, I am never making another apple pie ever again. Or at least for a very long time, because there is no living up to that kind of pressure, and karma does not like me, so I will inevitably mess up in some egregious manner that will earn me the title of worst apple pie maker EVER. And I can’t have that, so no more apple pies from me, sorry not sorry. If you want to try and recreate your own, feel free to head on over HERE for the recipe we used. I ended up doing a crumble topping instead of a second pie dough for the sole reason that I did not have the mental fortitude to make a second dough and roll it out. And I was out of dollars for the swear jar šŸ˜€

In other news, my brother, SiL, and niece will be out here in less than a week! I haven’t seen them in over a year, so I’m looking forward to having them here and loving on all of them a little more than usual. As much as I love being back in California, I miss them dearly. I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend, I know I have. It is also my hope that you’ll take the time to reflect on all the many blessings in your life as we get closer to Christmas. So often we get wrapped up in the gifts, the food, and the people that we lose sight of what truly matters.


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