Pink Elephants, and Other Missives


I wrote THIS post this afternoon, but left out the details of what inspired the post because I didn’t want it to be the focus of the post, but I figured I would write it out here, for catharsis more than anything else. I apologize for not updating in a while, I hit a writing slump and just haven’t felt like putting pen to paper. I hope to change that once I’ve gotten the events of the last couple of weeks off my chest.

In August I accepted a position with a company that I thought would be a good fit for me. I was told there was a possibility for rapid advancement since the company was growing rather quickly. When I was called into HR a month and a half later and told they were hiring someone to replace me when I was promoted, I was ecstatic. Two weeks later, when I received my 60 day evaluation, I was told there was a minor problem, but so long as it didn’t continue, there wouldn’t be a problem.

I was very obviously lied to about that last part, and more than likely the first part as well, since they were aware of the problem when HR brought me in to tell me they were promoting me. To say it was completely out of left field is the understatement of the century. Our team is pretty small, so I was already pretty close to a couple of people there, including my direct supervisor, who was the one who told me about the “minor problem” a few weeks before I was let go. Hurt and confused doesn’t even begin to cover how I’ve been feeling the last couple of weeks, but it’s time to move on and get past it.

As much as I’d like to wallow and be angry at the people who lied to me, it isn’t productive, and all it does is hurt me and my chances of moving on to bigger and better things. I’m trusting God to show me where He wants me to go. If by some chance any of the people involved read this, please understand that what you did wasn’t okay. I made mistakes, and I’ll own up to them, but you lied and didn’t consider what kind of an impact your actions would have on me and my family. I trusted you to be honest with me, and you couldn’t even do that. I’ve forgiven you because holding onto the anger and resentment I was feeling has no impact on you, and just brings me down. But that doesn’t make it okay.


2 thoughts on “Pink Elephants, and Other Missives

  1. I’m sorry. šŸ˜¦ Questionable ethics seem to be a huge thing for modern day companies. My ex-husband has been battling with a lot of things that I can only sum as, “stupid crap,” for the last several years. The recent culmination of which was his leading a meeting, someone (not one of his supervisors) trying to argue with him, and him simply asking not to be cut off…and then HIM being reprimanded for it! WTH?! Hubby was blatantly lied to about overtime requirements when we packed up and moved to Illinois. Here…he feels like he might being set up? He is praised a lot, but was recently written up for missing a day of work while we all had the stomach flu. Apparently, he was supposed to either call out the day BEFORE and use a “vacation day” or go in and have HR send him home. He’s since been told a couple of different things as far as how the write up comes to be (someone told him HR does it automatically…someone else said that this same supervisor that’s praising him would have had to go out of his way to tell HR that he’d missed a day) and when he would reach another write up (when he missed 2% of his scheduled hours again vs when he’s even so much as a minute late). It’s left him feeling like his supervisor might be setting him up to either be canned or at least miss bonuses (Christmas is supposed to be $2,000 or so…kinda a big deal!! If you’ve been written up three times, you don’t get the bonuses.). :-/


    1. I don’t know how I managed to miss your comment, I apologize. I’m thinking I approved it before I was fully awake and then forgot because I should not be allowed to do anything before I’ve had coffee in the morning. I hope that things are less up in the air now for hubby, I know how frustrating stuff like that can be. Joe’s job keeps cutting his hours and/or calling to tell him they don’t need him to come in. For the next two weeks he’s only getting 60 hours, and the computer system went down on Monday, so they sent him home right when he got there, even though they promised they wouldn’t be cutting hours. Since I’m out of work, we need him to get as many hours as possible, so it’s just stress being piled on top of more stress and frustration.

      The silver lining in all of it? My old boss let me know one of the companies I interviewed with just before the holiday called to get a reference from him, so I’m hoping I’ll be hearing from them in the next few days. In my experience companies don’t call for references unless they’re seriously considering someone, and I don’t give contact info for references if I’m not 100% sure they’re going to give me a good reference, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m going crazy at home, I need to get out of this house.


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