My Precious…

My Precious…


Humble husband brag alert. I’ve been wanting this ring for a while now, since I saw it a couple of months ago. We went to Costco on Valentines Day to pick up Joe’s contacts and he swung by the jewelry display, filled out the form and took it up to the register. We got VERY lucky and bought the last one they had in stock, they had to go get it out of the display. Almost three weeks later and I have it in my possession! We had to go get it sized at a jeweler, so I’ve been checking the page to see if they shipped it back to the store. I had to go to the mall today anyways, so I swung by the store and they happened to have just gotten it in! It goes great with my wedding band, and I just absolutely love the color of the amethyst. I didn’t want a huge diamond, and purple is my absolute favorite color, so this ring is just perfect. I really don’t want to take it off.

Slightly less humble brag for both Joe and I! I decided to paint my nails last night, and Joe picked out the glitter coat, then I proceeded to give myself the best mani I’ve ever given myself! I’ve been painting my nails more consistently, and the practice has really helped me get more confident in my abilities. I didn’t even have to clean up my cuticles after, and there isn’t a SINGLE visible smudge! The lighting in my house sucks balls, but it looks super adorable in person, I promise!

I also french braided my hair for the first time today, but I messed up and had to have my hair stylist fix it when she clipped my bangs today. I took it down before I got a picture, but I’ll keep at it and post a picture once it doesn’t look like I let my 18 month old niece do my hair.

In other news, Joe and I are going to Las Vegas for his birthday later this month! The frankly ridiculous hotel room has been booked, accommodation for Harley has been secured, and I’ll probably have a friend stop by to take care of Snickers. And by take care of Snickers I mean make sure there’s food in the bowl and water available. The creepy thing? I’ve talked about us going to Vegas exactly once on my phone (in FB messenger), and Joe booked the room on his phone. Nevertheless, this popped up on my Instagram newsfeed this morning, a short 12 hours since I last talked about it:


Creepy, right? Like I get that these companies make money this way, but it’s just weirdly invasive to me. Like, I can’t even have a conversation without having tailored ads pop up in completely separate apps from the one where the conversations were had. It’s just weird. Prior to this, I’d never even seen a Vegas hotel advertised on my newsfeed. *shudders*

On the docket for tomorrow? I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to record a vlog of my everyday makeup look before I get my MannyMUAxMakeupGeek eyeshadow palette on Monday and completely ignore everything else I own for the next two months while I obsess and fan girl all over that beautiful palette. Have I mentioned how amazing this palette is? Because seriously, it looks amazing from everything I’ve seen, and I will have it in my pretty little hands on MONDAY!!! If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stalk the UPS app on my phone.


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