1am ramblings

Harley is most definitely NOT a fan of snow.

We’ve been in California for almost three months now, and Harley likes “winter” here much more than she did in Colorado. And by winter I mean mid 80’s and sunny, with no other dogs to share her space with.

Joe started training for his new job on Monday, and his trainers were so impressed with how well he did they sent him out to a site and he got his first lead! Proud doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt when he told me. We’re both worried because a decent chunk of his pay is coming from commission, so him doing so well his first day out was a huge relief to both of us.

It’s 1am, Snickers is curled up at my feet, and Adele is belting her heart out on TV. And I’m not tired at all. I can hear Joe snoring, or that might be Harley, who knows at this point? Maybe if I just go lay down I’ll fall asleep? That usually doesn’t end well for me, but maybe tonight will be different.

Good night everyone!


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