When your whole life changes…

…in the span of a few hours, I went from needing to find a job to getting to be a stay at home wife and eventually mother. While it’s what we planned to do eventually, I was expecting to have to work for at least a few years while Joe built a career he could support us on. When he left the house this morning for a job interview, I had all the faith in the world that he would do well, but I didn’t let it sink in until he got the phone call this afternoon confirming his initial offer of employment.

I’m incredibly grateful and so very proud of Joe, but the change is rather jarring. I’ve had to work my whole adult life and I just don’t know how to handle not needing to work. I’ve become so accustomed to fitting everything else around working that I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ll have time to write, to do everything I’ve never really had the time to do before.

I just don’t know how to handle this, and it’s freaking me out.


4 thoughts on “When your whole life changes…

  1. Haha I remember the first time as an adult that I found myself in the car and didn’t “have” to be anywhere. I panicked for a second. Then I went shopping. 😛


  2. You will find your schedule, and then find that your schedule becomes just as busy as when you had a job. The mentality that SAHW’s don’t do anything but bake pies and lounge in house robes is ridiculous. I barely have time for anything and I am a SAHW.

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  3. Exactly what @sweetbabycadillac says! You will find a million things to fill your time, and you’ll wish you had more time to do them all. I suggest that you sit down for a bit and make a list of things you want to try. whether it’s learning how to cook a specific cuisine, or baking your own bread, starting a garden, even taking a dance class, figure out what you think you would enjoy doing to fill your time! Make the most of the time you have ❤


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