Goals for 2016

I don’t look at these as “New Years Resolutions,” mostly because every year I’ve made New Years resolutions I’ve failed miserably. I don’t think it’s a I don’t have the willpower problem, I think I’m placing too much emphasis on doing everything perfectly since they’re resolutions and not goals. Goals to me are long term, resolutions are short term, so when I don’t get to where I want to be in the short term, I get discouraged and give up.

So without further adieu:

  1. Open a savings account and contribute %15 of our monthly income to it.
  2. Have a job by the end of January.
  3. Start running again.
  4. Stick to the diet for at least two months.
  5. Blog at least three times a week, daily if possible.
  6. Finish the rough draft of my novel.

Penny for your thoughts?

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