Skincare 101

A few days ago, I posted a blog about adding a beauty element to my blog. I will state two things right up front: 1. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL.  2. And no, I am NOT getting paid by any of the companies I discuss on this blog. I absolutely LOVE the professional makeup artists I follow on youtube and various other social media, but I feel like there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of bloggers/vloggers that don’t do makeup for a living, and I think that is something that should be more readily available. I know I was extremely intimidated by what I thought were unachievable results, so I’d like to offer my experiences as a normal, everyday woman.

That being said, I think the basis of any good makeup routine is a good skincare routine. My professional makeup artist made sure in the weeks leading up to my wedding last year that I was taking care of my skin because without a good foundation to work on, even the most amazing makeup and makeup artist will have trouble covering everything. Good skin is vitally important, so I’d like to start there.

It definitely helps to know what type of skin you have when choosing a skincare routine. Through lots of trial and error, I have determined I have combination skin, which means I am prone to oiliness on my forehead, nose, and chin, with normal to dry skin on my cheeks. And please keep in mind that what works for me, may not work for you. Every person’s skin is different, and there are a million and one factors that determine how your skin will react to certain products. Finding a good skincare routine is a lot of trial and error, which can make trying out new products scary for a lot of people. It was very easy for me to say well my skin looks good enough, I’ll just stick with what I know kind of works for me. I would encourage you to find something that truly works for you and your skin, because not only will it help with any makeup you put on your skin, it will also help with your confidence.

For me, I’ve found that the basis for my skincare routine contains three essential steps, used twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. There are a few other steps I also take, both in the morning and a couple of different things at night, but I’ll save that for another blog since this one is getting long. Here are the three things I use everyday:

Belif Crystal Cleansing Foam Fresh


I have absolutely fallen in love with the Belif skincare line, available exclusively at Sephora in the U.S. You can click on the image above to be taken to the website. I’ve only recently in the last few weeks started using the belif skincare line, but I am hooked. My skin has never looked better, my acne is getting remarkably better, and even the stubborn area just above my nose in between my eyebrows is showing drastic improvement. My cheeks don’t feel tight or super dry after this step like other cleansers have done in the past and my t-zone isn’t nearly as oily as before, which cuts down on the amount of times I have to touch up my makeup during the day.

I’d like to go ahead and take a moment to talk about the prices of these products. I know $26.00 is a lot of money to spend on cleanser, and there is every possibility you will find what works for you in drugstore skincare products. Unfortunately, those didn’t work for me personally, and so I sprung for the more expensive stuff. However, I ‘d also like to add that if they aren’t working for you, I would suggest at least giving these a try, even if it means you have to cut back on spending more money on makeup. I can’t stress enough how vitally important good skin is not only for makeup applications, but for your overall health as well.

Also, you need very little product to cover your entire face, so the bottles should last you several months, so also keep that in mind when you are deciding on what products work for your budget. The second step in my basic skincare routine is:

Belif Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner


I’ll preface this by saying I have a love/hate relationship with 99.99999% of the toners out there today. Most of them would get rid of my acne altogether, but at the expense of the rest of my skin. I would feel tight and dry, and most of them burned like no tomorrow, which I should have intuitively known was bad for my skin. If your skin is burning after using your toner, stop using that toner please. A slight tingling is fine. If you have to use a cold compress to cool your skin down after using any basic skincare product or your skin is uncharacteristically red after using something, stop using that product, it is not good for your skin.

This toner absolutely does not do that to my skin, in fact it does the exact opposite. It feels cool and refreshing, very clean. The skin on my cheeks doesn’t feel like it’s being pulled at all, which most other toners did. I wouldn’t say it felt super soft, but it definitely felt clean. It didn’t burn when I put the toner on my acne, but it did tingle slightly. I saw almost immediate improvement in the size and inflammation of my acne, and the redness that has been present on my skin since I can remember is drastically reduced after a few weeks of consistent use.

The third (and final!) product I use is:

Belif Oil Control Fresh Moisturizer


I actually just started using this a few days ago because I had one of their aqua bombs before and was using that while I decided if I wanted to splurge for this. Even though I just started using this, it is working well with the other two products. The problem with combination skin is I’ve never been able to find a moisturizer that works for my whole face. If I treat the oiliness, my cheeks look like a desert wasteland. If I try and use something geared towards my cheeks, my forehead and chin look like oil slicks, which is no bueno. And I’m not made of money, so getting two different moisturizers is not happening.

This moisturizer somehow manages to keep both happy. I have no idea how it does that, but it does. It somehow provides the right amount of moisture to my cheeks, without making my forehead look like an oil slick, and preps my skin to have makeup on it during the day. I love it. My skin feels clean, but not super dry either. Since I started using these three products I’ve seen a drastic reduction in the redness I experience, as well as the amount of acne I have been getting. The acne I have gotten since I started using these products is smaller and less noticeable, as well as drastically reduced in the amount of acne I have gotten. Overall, I am extremely happy with these products, and would recommend them to anyone. They also have products for normal and dry skin, so if your skin is different than mine, I would encourage you to check them out as well.

I have refrained from describing how to use these products, because I will be doing another blog tomorrow incorporating the other elements of my skincare routine, and I’d like to have the step-by-step tutorial all in one place. I’ll be sure to link to that post once it is up on the blog. Good night!

Edit: HERE is the whole facial skincare routine. The actual routine is towards the bottom half of the post. Enjoy!


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