I apparently have the worst case of foot in mouth syndrome ever

My last post was bragging about the awesome piece of technology I recently acquired and how awesome it was working, save for a few minor glitches. Well, those glitches were a hardware problem. Any of you who know diddly squat about computers know what that means.

I am now typing this on my brand new shiny Surface Pro 3 that I got for turning in the one with the “hardware problem.”

Yes, the lesson has been learned, and there won’t be anymore bragging on my end, at least not until I’ve made it two weeks without this one crapping out on me. It took the tech at the Microsoft store less than 3 minutes to diagnose the problem. It took him even LESS time to tell me that since I’d had it less than 2 weeks, I get to return it to best buy. *Cue full scale panic in t minus 2 minutes*

The only reason I even got it at Best Buy was because they were having a ridiculous sale and I could afford to get the Pro with the bigger screen and faster processor. And Microsoft support has been pretty awesome, and it came with a 1 year hardware warranty, so if there was anything wrong with the device, I could just take it to a Microsoft store and have it fixed/replaced if necessary. No biggie, right?

I have enough experience with Best Buy to know you don’t ever want to return something to them. Ever. I don’t care if your device is randomly emitting smoke, if you can avoid trying to return it to Best Buy, I would. That should be your absolute last resort.

Thank goodness I have a confident and assertive husband. He walked in, explained the problem, and said we were here to return the defective one and exchange it for a new one at the instruction of the Microsoft store tech. He didn’t give them an opportunity to object, and they didn’t! I can almost guarantee I would not have walked out of there with a new SP3 if I had been the one handling the return. Being married has its perks 🙂

In other news, things are going as well as can be expected. The dogs are getting along and settling into their various roles in the “pack.” We’re making sure to step in when there is a problem, and re-directing appropriately. Overall, I’d say its going well. I do, however, need some suggestions. You see, my BiL has decided to start a scare war, and I was his first victim last night. I do have to live with him for the next two months, so it can’t be THAT bad, but I’m open to your suggestions.

And before I forget, pictures of the pack:

Harley (my dog) is the black dog. Cracker Jack (BiL’s dog) is the teeny tiny white thing next to Harley. Joe’s holding the leashes.
Harley is hiding behind my BiL, Baxter (BiL’s other dog) is the giant Rottweiler and Cece (Other BiL’s dog) is the golden retriever standing next to Joe’s legs.

Penny for your thoughts?

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