Writing a novel is hard, yo

Writing a novel is hard, yo


I forgot how exhausting and time consuming writing a novel could be, especially since I’ve added a solid decade to the last time I really sat down and attempted to write. Not to mention the added responsibilities of being an actual adult. But my first chapter is done! I have to say, once I got going, the words just flowed through my fingers. I felt such a sense of accomplishment as the ideas that have been floating around in my brain since I can remember made their way to the page. It felt good to see them there.

But now comes the hard part, asking people to rip it apart and tell me what I can change. As a writer, this is the most difficult part of writing. Since I pulled instances from my own life as inspiration for the novel, it is deeply personal to me, and I find it difficult to take any kind of criticism. I know that the people reviewing my work aren’t judging me personally, but it’s so difficult to separate it out that I have a hard time showing it to people. But the only way I’m going to improve is if people tell me what I need to change.

I’ve shared a small snippet of what I wrote above, so if it looks like something you would be interested in reading, let me know and I’ll send you an invitation to the private blog I have set up. You’ll need a wordpress account, but if you don’t have one you’ll be able to create one with the link I’ll send you. You don’t have to blog on wordpress to have an account, and I believe it will give you the option to just have a comment only account.

I do have to warn you, there is a lot of violence and crude language, as well as graphic sexual content. If these aren’t for you, I understand, but please don’t request the link if you can’t handle or don’t feel like reading that type of material.


2 thoughts on “Writing a novel is hard, yo

  1. That was the most difficult part, just getting myself to sit still long enough to get anything on the page. I have no idea how writer’s with kids do it, I’d never be able to concentrate long enough to get anything done.


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