I’m 95% positive half my blood is ocean water. Particularly pacific ocean water. It calls to me on a level that doesn’t quite make sense, and living so far inland has made it difficult in ways I can’t explain. The ocean is calling me home, and I finally convinced Joe it was time for us to go home. I had some help along the way though, and a lot of things had to fall into place for it to happen. They just happened to fall into place in roughly a week and a half. *grabs the xanax*

We have a place to live lined up, it’s just not going to be ready for a couple of months, so we’ll be spending a couple of months in Colorado visiting with the other half of Joe’s family. We don’t get to see them nearly as often as we’d like, and both of us could use the break from the daily grind, so Colorado it is. That and we have Harley and Snickers to think about. We probably won’t see Snickers for six months anyways, but we need to make sure Harley gets along with whatever dog(s) we subject her to. We know for a fact she’ll tolerate Joe’s mom’s dogs, so that’s the primary reason why we chose Colorado. That and the house is big enough that we can separate them if need be.

I handed in my notice Monday, we close escrow in late September, and we’ll be on the road to Colorado shortly after we close, with most of our stuff shipped off to California to sit in storage for a couple of months before we move into our new place.

And then a week after we move in, we’re going on a much needed and long overdue honeymoon. We haven’t decided where to just yet, but its a toss up between Jamaica and Napa Valley. If you had to pick one, where would you go?


2 thoughts on “Californication

  1. I would go to Jamaica but only if it was a full resort in Negril, Jamaica can be fun or it can be frustrating depending on how much you ended up spending


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