When life gives you lemons, make lemon drop martini’s

2015-03-31 19.11.15

No, seriously, they’re amazeballs. They’re like the adult version of lemonade, and they are wonderful. Invest in the shaker, you’ll thank me later 🙂

Life has a funny way of trying to bring you down. It’s not the big things, though this most recent event is large on the “oh shit” scale in my life. It’s the little things. The relatively minor hiccups in life that always seem to bring you down. So when the big things do hit, they seem a million times worse than they really are, and send me into full scale panic.

The people involved have asked me not to say anything publicly just yet, so I’m going to respect their wishes and not write about it here, as tempting as it may be. I know the likelihood of them seeing this is slim, but i’m not really comfortable talking about it anyways, so its a moot point. Suffice it to say shit is fucked up and bullshit and leave it at that.

In spite of everything going wrong lately, there are a lot of positives in my life, and I’m doing my best to focus on those. Here are today’s things that I’m grateful for:

1. I got a new book that I’m legitimately excited to read. It’s called Reconstructing Amelia, and I got it in the mail Saturday. I know absolutely nothing about it, other than an online book club I’m in selected it as their book of the month last month, and I’m trying to branch out and read new things, so this is my attempt to read something new. I’ll let you all know what I think of the book once I finish it.

2. I have another book in the mail on its way to me. I bought it from an amazon dealer so I couldn’t get my two day shipping, but that will give me time to finish the first one. The second book is called Charm and Strange, I’m a little intrigued about this one, to be honest. I found this one the same way I found the last one, so hopefully the book club picked out good books. It’s pretty difficult for me to find a book absolutely horrible though, so it’s not like they have to try very hard to impress me. Check out my goodreads (In the sidebar to the left) to keep up with what I’m reading!

3. I’ll find out in a week if I’m pregnant or not. I’m choosing to see this as a positive because I’ll go crazy if I don’t. Recent events will make being pregnant and having a kid more difficult, but I’m confident in our ability as a couple to overcome this latest obstacle. We’re still in a lot better position than a lot of people, and we actually love each other. We finally got the results back for all the blood work from my doctor, and she couldn’t find anything in the results, so all we can do is try again. I’m crossing everything I have to cross that if I am pregnant, this one sticks.

i’d like to leave you with something a friend posted to facebook a while back. I’ve been attempting to live by the message of the image, let’s see if it pans out:

2015-05-20 22.12.59


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