Two Runners, and a million apologies

I have a confession to make.

I went running!
I went running!

I’ve been blog-cheating on you. But, I’d like to make an indecent proposal. I want you to join me on this new blog. You don’t even have to leave wordpress. Before I send you there though, I’d like to explain myself.

Right around the time I made my last POST here, I had a complete emotional breakdown. Everything came to a head, I ignored my feelings, and it all ended with me a sobbing mess. I needed to check out, so I did. I ate what I wanted, spent as much time with Joe as possible, and focused on myself for a while. While I was recharging I turned my attention away from the internet and back towards family and close friends. I needed them to tell me I wasn’t losing my mind, and to be honest I needed to get away from the negativity for a while.

After a while I started returning to social media in stages. And as I did I started noticing things more. In particular, how much my sister was enjoying running. I’d started couch to 5k a few weeks before my last post, but I stopped shortly after I started. I knew I needed to get back out there, and my sister really motivated me to do just that. The relationship between running and my sister kind of turned a light bulb on in my head. My love of writing and my sister’s love of running, showcased for the world.

And so, A Tale of Two Runners was born. I took my time setting it up, and would REALLY appreciate anyone and everyone heading over there to tell me what you think. If you’d like to follow our running journey, feel free to hit the subscribe button, or sign up for the email. All of our social media is linked in the sidebar on the right, so if you’d rather follow along that way, I’ll be linking all new posts on twitter and facebook. Instagram will be pictures, obviously 😉 There’s a link on our instagram profile to the blog as well.

All that to say, I’m sorry. No excuses, and I’ll be trying my best to post more regularly. I’m hoping that the new blog will help me stay more consistent, but only time will tell.


Penny for your thoughts?

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