Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink



Did these last night. I’m not horribly impressed with the color, it’s a little too light for my liking, but I’m definitely making improvement. An old roommate gave me a basket full of nail stuff a few years ago that has just been hanging out in my bathroom cabinet and there was some cuticle stuff that seemed to help keep the polish from sticking to my cuticles, and I used a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover to get what did stick.



Don’t pay attention to the horrible state of my hair color (I’m getting it done next weekend, I promise). I’m debating whether I should flat iron my hair or not. It’s not AS wavy/frizzy as it normally is, so I’m tempted to just say forget it, but I thought I’d ask for your opinion first.

I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’ve been on a beauty kick recently. I got new makeup/skincare stuff, I’m growing my hair out (this is the longest its been in a very long time), I’m getting it professionally dyed next weekend, and I’ve just overall been taking better care of my appearance. I know its not super important in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve noticed that my attitude and emotional state has drastically improved since I started. I’m more confident in how I carry myself, I feel better about my overall appearance, and its helping me be more confident in all of my relationships, but especially with Joe. He has always told me that if I wanted to, he would be more than happy to get me “the good stuff” so that I’m using stuff that is better for me. I just grew up in a family that didn’t place all that much value in physical appearance, so I’ve been super slow to take him up on his offer. Now that I have, I don’t think I can go back to what I was doing before.


Sorry about the potato quality, my phone is dying a slow death and the camera seems to be the first of probably many casualties, but I wanted to show off my cute pedicure I got done the week before last. Joe and I went to get professional pedicures done and it was AMAZING. My feet felt like they had soaked in butter for a solid hour, it felt fantastic. And over a week later, they still look really good. And those CHAIRS?!?!?! Can someone buy my one to keep in my house? Please? I think the nail salon would notice if I tried to walk out with one, but good lord it was amazing.


One thought on “Pretty In Pink

  1. I’ve been actively trying to get more into taking care of my appearance lately. I really just stopped giving a rat’s pink puckered one some time last year. There was just too much going on and it was the first thing to fall to the wayside. But I spent a little more on home hair dye through an online company and got a hair cut a couple of days after we arrived here. I’ve been trying to do my makeup almost every day, keep my nails polished, and wear the 10 bagillion pairs of earrings that I own but hadn’t worn in a dog’s age. It does go a long way to making me feel better, even on the days when I have zero energy. (In short: I fell ya! :))


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