Foot in Mouth Syndrome

Foot in Mouth Syndrome


Well, I have some bad news. I miscarried shortly after I found out I was pregnant. Yes, we are trying again, but I won’t be making the same mistake twice. As much as it is going to kill me, we will be waiting to tell everyone until I am safely out of miscarriage territory. Those phone calls were the worst, and I have no desire to inflict that much pain on myself or others again.

I’m… okay. I think. Thankfully, I was only 5 weeks when I miscarried and 6 weeks when I found out. I found out after the fact that my aunt lost a baby at 4.5 MONTHS, I would be a mess if I was that far along. Like they already knew the gender and had picked out a name. Eff that shiz. Does it still get me every once in a while? Sure. Seeing pregnant women or babies still makes me very emotional, but I am getting better about it. We had purchased a few items before we found out I miscarried, and they are safely stored away where I don’t see them unless I specifically go looking for them. Needless to say, I don’t make a habit out of it.

I’m still having pretty horrific nightmares that wake me up and leave me shaken for the rest of the night, but they have decreased in frequency and intensity in the last couple of days, so hopefully my psyche is healing along with the physical. My doctor said my hcg levels were at 4.5, so I will be going back in for more blood work next week to find out if they have gone down to 0. We’ve been bad and haven’t been using protection though, so there is a very good chance I am already pregnant again. We’ll just have to wait and see. If my hcg levels haven’t gone down or up, I will most likely have to have a d & c to remove the rest of it, but I am hoping that isn’t the case. Usually with such an early term miscarriage they allow you to pass it naturally, but sometimes it doesn’t all come out on its own. I’d really like to avoid having a d & c, I’ve heard they’re pretty unpleasant.

Other than that, I am okay, just haven’t really felt like writing recently, I’m sure you can appreciate why. Hope everyone is doing well.


6 thoughts on “Foot in Mouth Syndrome

  1. I’m sorry to hear your news Liz. I hope there’s no need for the D & C and I’m sure there won’t be. Are you putting yourself under stress in your need to get pregnant ? It’s not easy but it’s so much easier to be relaxed about it and the success rate increases.
    I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed for you till it happens.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss and completely understand. Last year, we told everyone right away; we were just so excited. This year we waited until we were almost to the second trimester; still a bit early, but with the reassurance from our OB that our odds of miscarrying were next to nil.

    I hated every pregnant woman I saw last year and FML – they were freakin’ EVERYWHERE! And then the babies that were due at the same time that we would have been started coming into the world…

    It was (and still is) hard. I will believe we are having a baby when there is a baby in my arms. Until then? Part of my brain seems to just assume that it can happen again. A friend’s sister miscarried at 7 months (I think, technically, they called it something to the effect of a premature stillbirth). That terrifies me. I still haven’t brought myself to go out to our storage area and start organizing the things out there for the move – which include the baby things that we had excitedly bought last year. (We were really, really bad… I mean…we caught a good deal on the crib that we wanted and couldn’t pass it up. >.< )

    Fingers cross that you don't need the D&C; I've heard terrifying things about them as well. It's really disappointing that with all the advances in the medical field, they're still such a cringe-worthy process. 😦


  3. I’m so sorry, Liz! Miscarried twice before the third took. Pregnant 3 times in one year. The first was at the end of the third month, tough. The 2nd only 6 wks along. Had a D&C after the first. Wasn’t too bad. Understand your pain & the emotional roller coaster. Learned a lot about not taking things for granted. God bless and comfort you.


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