The true test of friendship

The true test of friendship


The five women standing behind me in this picture are quite possibly the reason I made it out of high school alive and with my sanity relatively intact. In the decade plus since we graduated high school, we have all experienced our fair share of heart break, tragedy, and excitement. But one thing remained the same: We were there for each other when it seemed like everyone else was deserting us. These five women could be counted on no matter what I was asking, and I can only hope that I was able to be there for them in the same way.

When Joe and I decided to make it official my friend V stepped up to the plate to help me plan our wedding. I can’t say for certain what would have happened if I had been left to my own devices, but suffice it to say I would not have had the wedding of my dreams had it not been for V. She kept me sane when everything around me was falling apart, stood up for me when I was unable to defend myself, and helped me realize that if I wanted things done my way, I needed to stand up for myself. Even if it was to family who thought they were doing what was best for Joe and I. We may not have gotten everything we wanted, but the important things were made a priority, and I really only have Joe and V to thank for that. Throughout the entire process, they were the reason I didn’t end up curled into the fetal position begging for it all to just go away.

V was able to give me a confidence I didn’t know I had, which helped me get through the year long process of constantly having to defend my decisions to everyone and his brother.

And then there was the day of the wedding, which started far too early for my liking. V once again, with the help of a few other people, stepped up to the plate and took over the million little things that could go wrong in a wedding, and made sure that I was able to enjoy my day as much as possible. Even though nothing was stopping me from making it down that aisle, she made sure I did it knowing everything was taken care of. I was actually able to enjoy my day with the love of my life because V stepped up to the plate, even though she didn’t have to, and made sure that every little detail was taken care of.

I couldn’t ask for better friends, and it is my life goal to be as wonderful to them as they are to me.


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